DIRK WESTPHAL is a multimedia artist. He has worked with photography, sculpture, 
installation, music and performance art, at times simultaneously, blurring distinctions. 
Westphal’s earlier work was performance-oriented. He conceived, organized, choreographed, 
and then fought in apocalyptically themed gladiatorial spectacles on the streets of New York
City. He collected props and staged various other urban scenarios, playing dead atop
wrecked cars and playing the role of Conductor in his ‘Symphony of Horns,’ a performance
piece in which gridlocked drivers outside of Westphal’s downtown studio honked along to the
artist’s direction, creating a musical masterpiece. 

In the 90’s, Westphal shifted his focus to explore and challenge society’s notions of beauty. 
In an effort to study and expose the various mechanisms corporations use to shape, 
harness, and exploit consumers’ notions of beauty, Westphal began collecting and
cataloguing contemporary signifiers, refashioning and then photographing them to highlight
their seductive qualities. His encyclopedic photo series from this time catalogue
prepackaged desserts, mouthwashes, cough syrups, and payphones. Westphal has since
evolved into the consummate collector; his recent work includes exhaustive visual studies of
toothpaste, nail polish, overbred goldfish, and plastic caps. These series are united in their
focus on artifice and mutation as hallmarks of our culture. 

Westphal’s work is born from his everyday experiences as an artist in downtown Manhattan. 
His photo series, in particular, have been inspired by daily expeditions to and from his
Chinatown studio that expose him to countless consumer products. Seduced by the allure
of artificial color and prefabricated beauty, the artist felt compelled to investigate the
mechanisms of consumer culture. Westphal’s imposition of his meticulous sense of order on
an array of everyday consumer products constitutes a political and aesthetic resistance to
mainstream culture. His work is a witty critique of our culture, cloaked in a glossy finish. 

Westphal received his Masters in Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. His
photographs have been shown throughout the U.S. and abroad at galleries including the
Tim Olsen Gallery (Sydney), Cat Street Gallery (Hong Kong), Baldwin Gallery (Aspen, CO), 
Design Within Reach (Los Angeles, CA), The New York Historical Society, Art in General
(New York), Exit Art (New York), Mixed Greens (New York), Glenn Horowitz (East Hampton, 
New York), and the New York Art Book Fair at P.S.1, in Queens, N.Y. His work belongs to
such prestigious collections as the Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume
Institute (New York), the Progressive Collection (Cleveland, OH), the New York Times Photo
Archives, Rockefeller University (New York ), Pfizer (New York), and Sir Elton John’s private
photography collection, among others. Westphal’s images have appeared in a wide array of
publications and books, including The New York Times, The New York Times Magaine, 
V Magazine, The Village Voice, The New York Observer, Mother Jones, Marie Claire, People, 
der Spiegel, and Stern Magazine.


Matsui Fudosan, 527 Madison , NYC*

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X, Mixed Greens, NYC.
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Piscoli Fabulosi usw. Harley Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, CO. *
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Site, in collaboration with Tom Sachs, Sante Fe, NM.

NY Gladiators Performance to benefit Fat Magazine at LIFE, NYC. * 
Super Freaks, Green Naftali, NYC.

WOW- the Walls of Westphalia, The Clive Gallery, Church Stretton, UK.*
Dirk Westphal, NY Security Mini Storage, NYC. *

Cultural Prosthetics, in collaboration with Tom Sachs, Morris Healy Gallery , NYC.

Symphony of Horns  performance, Centre/Broome St. NYC. *
Gotcha!, Momenta Art, curated by Donald Odita, Brooklyn, NY and Columbus, OH.
Extremely Refrigerated, Meat packing District, NYC. Curated by Alfredo Martinez
Artifax, We’ve Got Christo’s Daughter!! performance, the Puck Building, NYC.
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The Weapons Show, Exploding Sky, NYC. Curated by Alfredo Martinez
 NY Gladiators - Easter Apocalypse, Petrosino Park, NYC. *
YGI, Fashion Extravaganza,  Pseudo Museum, NYC.
101 Ways to Have Fun During the Apocalypse, Pseudo Museum, NYC.

Kill All Artists performance with Tom Sachs, Alfredo Martinez and Callum Greene, NYC.
Bong Show , in collaboration with Tom Sachs the Alleged Gallery, NYC.
Untitled, No Bias Gallery, N. Bennington, VT.
Enthropy, FPU 13, NYC.
Fired , A Late Night Comedy Show, Thicket, NYC.

Work in Progress, Crosby  Street Studio, NYC. *

*denotes solo show
 fair exhibition/representation not included.

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